Useful information

Useful information


Maintenance and repairs in an emergency situation are arranged by our office.

If we are replacing an existing contract, you’re welcome to recommend existing  trades  people whom we can continue to use. If at any time maintenance is required on your premises, all quotes are forwarded to the Committee and do not proceed until we have authority to do so.


As an Owners Corporation we are able to provide you quotations for premium renewals. We can deal through our insurance Broker or a Broker of your choosing to ensure that your Owners Corporation is getting value for money.

Collection of Fees

Owners may be billed yearly, half yearly or quarterly at lot owners’ preference.

Payment and Accounts

The standard repetitive accounts will be for example – electricity, gas, gardeners, caretakers etc. These would be authorised for payment by our company.

Additional tradesman such as plumbers, electricians etc… would be authorised by the committee prior to undertaking work. Copies of invoices are always readily available as required.


Financial Statements are prepared and presented to the Committee for any Committee Meeting. Financial Statements for the 12-month period are presented to all owners at the time of the Annual General Meeting.


We do not have any problem attending Committee Meetings as we find that this keeps us up to date with the decisions being made and allows us to get to know one another as well as the requirements of residents.

Naturally there would be a limit on the number of meetings attended each year if the committee elects to host numerous such gatherings.

The Annual General Meeting would always be attended by a representative of Clarence Team Body Corporate, with minutes recorded and forwarded to all members.